Omega Brine Shrimp 100G

Omega Brine Shrimp 100G

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Brine shrimp, water, fish oil, carrageenan.

Crude Protein (Min) 3.8%
Crude Fat (Min) 1.2%
Crude Fiber (Max) 0.3%
Moisture (Max) 94.2%
Ash (Max) 2.1%
Phosphorus (Min) 0.1%


For All Fresh & Saltwater Fish

San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Omega Brine Shrimp have been gut-loaded with a lipid formula high in Omega-3 polyunsatured fatty acids (PUFA’s) in holding tanks prior to freezing. PUFA’s have been proven to be essential nutrients for a wide variety of fish for maintaining their immune regulatory system, cell membrane fluidity & integrity and various other regulatory functions. Consumption of Omega Brine Shrimp will help provide fish with these PUFA’s.