Boyu FP-38E Times Submersibles Filter 3in1

Boyu FP-38E Times Submersibles Filter 3in1

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· Driven by the permanent-magnet in-phase motor, this pump is high-efficiency, energy-saving and durable.
· Made of stainless steel, the bearing of the pump can endures abrasion and corrupt, and canbe used infreshwater and seawater.
· The motor is sealed in the body shell with resin. With excellent water-proof performance and high isolationintensity, it is safe and reliable.
· Multi-functional design, various purposes in a machine-----pumping, fountain and filter3in 1.
· With beautiful appearance, the fitting fountainpipe is convenientto assemble and suitable for pumps of any sizes.

SIZE: 314x75x230 mm

VOLT: Ac230/115v

FREQ: 50/60Hz

QMAX: 19 v

HMAX: 1.0 m