Boyu YT-25000 Gardening Bio Filter 6,579gl/PH

Boyu YT-25000 Gardening Bio Filter 6,579gl/PH

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The Boyu YT-25000 Pond Bio Filter is a highly effective complete biological box filtration system, perfect for large sized garden ponds up to 12000L volume. Supplied with a 4600L/H pond pump and connective hosing, the YT-25000 is ready to install.

Each YT-25000 is fitted with an 18w UV clarifying lamp to help rid water of harmful bacteria, ensuring a crystal clear pond.

The multi-layer filtration layout allows water to biologically filter upward through layers of sponge, returning clean through a top outlet.
Each unit is complete with fine and medium foams integrated into a simple-to-use pull-up handle cleaning system (pictured)

Durable and long-lasting, Boyu pond and aquarium products are manufactured using the highest quality plastics.
Making use of the latest technology and design, the Boyu YT Garden Bio-Filter range is easy to install and maintain.

Used to purify water in large sized ponds lightly stocked with goldfish and koi fish, these heavy duty bio-filters are ideal for amateur fish keepers and professionals alike.

Please note the filter must be placed on the edge of the pond as the clean water flows straight back into the pond not an outlet pipe


Complete setup
Built-in UV steriliser
High volume capacity
Multi-stage foam filtration
Complete with pond pump and adaptors
4.5m flexible hose included (30mm)
2x hoseclips supplied

More Information

width=10 Suitable for Ponds with Small Mix of Fish and Koi up to: 12000 Litres
width=10 Suitable for Ponds with Heavy Stocked Koi up to: 8000 Litres
width=10 Main outlet: 70mm
width=10 UVC Lamp: 18w
width=10 Pond Pump: 4600L/H
width=10 Pump Power Cable Length: 10m
width=10 UV Power Cable Length: 4.5m
width=10 Voltage: AC230/115v
width=10 Frequency: 50/60Hz
width=10 Dimensions (max): 505 x 452 x 525mm / 20 x 18 x 21
width=10 FREE 12 month warranty